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D O M I N I Q U E C R O   


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Dominique Cro

New media artist

Living and working in London



2023 - 2024  Contemporary Art Practice,

Royal College of Art

2015  First Class BA Fine Art degree,

Kingston University



2024  Contemporary Art Practice Degree Show, RCA Battersea, Studio building, London

2024  Future Archaeologies : Sculpture Park, Camden Art Centre, London

2024  Tate Modern Lates : Capiverse, Tate Modern, London

2024  CAP Cinema, Genesis Cinema, London

2024  Everything Must Go, The Cookhouse Gallery, London

2022 - 2023  Futures Past, arebyte Gallery, London

2022  Orbit: Ridley Road Digital Winter Series commission and screening, Ridley Road Market Bar, London + online, supported by Arts Council

2022  Kammerflimmern, Heizhaus, Nuremberg, outdoor projection map + online screening

2021  Xi-Clone Drēmzü: Dominique Cro x Ben Coiacetto, design and build by Typeone, hosted by ArtSect Gallery, online exhibition

2021  Routes: ReA! Art Prize Winners, Scalo Lambrate, Milan


2021  Correspondance x The Photographers' Gallery, online show

2020  Tits & Co, online exhibition

2020  660sqft, Affrica Studio, online exhibition

2020  Running Time, Frigg Studio, London

2020  Depictions of Living, The Art Pavilion, London


2020  Art Fritter, Art Fritter Van Gallery, travelling exhibition, London


2019  London Group Open 2019, The Cello Factory, London

2019  People Just Watch TV screening, It’s Her Factory, The Victoria, London


2018  Green Fingers screening with Faultress, BBC Music Introducing Live, London


2018  Wearing a Stranger’s Genes screening, It’s Her Factory, The Victoria, London


2017  TEDxTottenham, ADA College, London


2016  IN-RESIDENCE, Kitsch Studio, London


2015  Associates, Five Years Gallery, London


2015  Kingston University Fine Art Degree Show, Kingston University, London


2015  Bodmin, Kingston University, London


2015  Us and Things, Art Lacuna Gallery, London


2015  Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product, Cavendish Gallery, London

2014  12 Hour Cell, Lilford Gallery, Canterbury

2014  12 Hour Cell, The Kave Gallery, 

St Leonards –on– Sea



2023  ReA! Art Fair, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

2021  Art Basel Miami: ArtSect Gallery OVR plots, Miami

2021 DCentral, Miami

2020  ReA! Art Fair, Fabricca del Vapore, Milan, awarded the ReA! Art Prize 2020


2023  Developing Your Creative Practice, Arts Council 

2022  Orbit: Ridley Road Digital Winter Series commission and screening, Ridley Road Market Bar, supported by Arts Council


2018  Fr33dom Road, Bernie Grant Art Centre, supported by Arts Council


2013  2 Hour Cell, Stanley Picker Travel Award, Kingston University


2023  Deep Sea, private collection, Milan

2022  Orbit: Ridley Road Digital Winter Series commission and screening, Ridley Road Market Bar, London, supported by Arts Council

2014  ID Me, Kingston University Printmaking Collection, Kingston University, London


2022  Futures Past, arebyte Gallery

2020  Issue 8: The Environmental Issue, Haus a Rest Zine, online feature


2016  Power House, Standard, edition 1



2023  RED-EYE

2023  ReA!

2022  Interview with arebyte Gallery on Futures Past

2021  Como Mag

2021  Dare Clan, issue 41


2019 - 2020  Artist at Cyclic Matter Arts Organisation

2015  Doug Fishbone Residency, Kingston University, London

2014  Bodmin Residency, Bodmin, Cornwall, funded by the Stanley Picker Travel Award


2020  Podcast Radio Marten, Creasing Patterns in Image-led Societies, Cyclic Matter, Olho Marinho, Portugal



2022  I knock on your skin, SET Woolwich, group show

2021 - 2022  ArtSect Gallery, Head of Arts and Exhibitions

2018  Fr33dom Road, The Bernie Grant Art Centre, London, supported by Arts Council England

2016 - 2018  Interfaces Monthly, Barbican x The Trampery


Institutions I've worked with include Sadie Coles HQ, White Cube, Tate, David Zwirner, Barbican, Hayward Gallery, Auto Italia Gallery, ICA, Christie's, Perimeter Gallery, V.O Curations, SET Studios, The Trampery, Bernie Grant Art Centre, Convergence, Five Years Gallery, Stanley Picker Gallery and Dorich House Museum.

Dominique Cro is a new media artist living and working in London. Cro utilises the concept of time travel to observe phenomena that continue to change the course of humankind, such as digitisation and capitalism. The lens in which she approaches these themes is influenced by Donna Haraway’s theory - the Chthulucene, which poses making-with instead of self-making, and centres interspecies collaboration with the hope of creating a more habitable future. Cro works in CGI animation, video, installation, sculpture, game design and photography. Her practice combines documentary of the current socio-ecological environment with speculative fiction. She applies worldbuilding as a tool to explore alternative realities, with a focus on more-than-human perspectives. 


Cro’s recent works centre symbiosis and interactivity. For example she is currently developing a video game installation, which explores the mutually beneficial relationship between termites and Termitomyces fungus. The player navigates the game as a termite, whilst the screen is installed within a termite mound sculpture. Cro encourages education through audience participation to promote inter-species care. Furthermore, Cro creates functional artworks which support the survival of other organisms, such as Bee House, which is an outdoor sculpture designed to accommodate solitary bees with nesting holes. 


Cro is currently studying an MA in Contemporary Art at RCA. Recent exhibitions include Tate, Camden Art Centre, Genesis Cinema, arebyte Gallery, Ridley Road Market Bar and The Photographers’ Gallery.

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