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Mankind’s understanding of time moved from linear progression to a cyclic feedback loop, our voices once lost in viscosity now echoed back. 

I'm a time travelling, socioartist and earthling. My designated time period of observation is 2001 - 2100. My role is to document tipping points within the 21st century, with a focus on two major events that changed the course of mankind - digitisation and the anthropocene.

My work examines modes of capitalistic conditioning in society and its ongoing effects on human behaviour, consumption and the world's depletion of natural resources

The works featured on this page belong to my archive of artefacts from the past and future. 

ThE PicturE Of HEalth

The Picture of Health (2020), installation view, triptych CGI animation on 3 monitors, duration: 1 minute 12 seconds looped

The Picture of Health (2020)

Loaf channel, installation view on digital billboard

Featuring white bread, a hotdog, processed cheese and their questionably long lists of ingredients.


All you need for a synthetic sandwich.


Are you heavy from the weight of the worldwide web? 


Is content overload slowing your system? 

With Codezac our automated system repair scans for code that mimics human emotion, neutralising it at the source, whilst simultaneously restoring you back to your former logical self. 


Think of it as antidepressants for AI's.


Codezac, you deserve to refresh and reboot. 









Codezac : Artificial Intelligence Antidepressants (2099)

CGI animation, duration: 28 seconds looped.

GrEEn FingErs

Green Fingers (2057), HD video, duration: 2 minutes 23 seconds looped

Green Fingers is a visual study of one of the greatest technological advancement of the 2050’s: genetically modified plants which absorb 10x more carbon dioxide than their predecessors. Through genetic engineering the DNA of the Silver Maple tree, its impressive natural carbon fixing traits can be transferred to any other species of plant.

COvid CarEpackagE

Green Fingers film pack

Acrylic etching, led lights, custom usb, casing









Covid Care Package was created from animating 3D scanned objects from around the home, this visual study explores items commonly panic bought during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid Care Package (2020), CGI animation, duration: 18 seconds looped

Covid Care Package is on view in the online show: 4:104082 Correspondance.World. The show was first conceived during the March 2020 lockdown. It explores and updates the notion of communication as an art form in the context of the global pandemic. This unique collaborative project and immersive audio-visual journey is led by artist Thomas Brown in collaboration with The Photographers' Gallery.


Covid Care Package installation view

Online show Correspondence.World, Room 12

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