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My recent research is centred on symbiosis, with an emphasis on mutualistic relationships between species. Mutualism represents a type of symbiosis where both organisms involved benefit. This series of works highlights the significance of mutual dependence, not only among individual organisms but also across different species, especially in the context of global warming.

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By Leaves We Live,  made in collaboration with Sound Producer Reuben Charters-Bastide, is a visual study into the importance of plants and how all life stems from these species. The work features a quote by biologist Patrick Geddes and a vocal sample from Anohni’s song ‘4 Degrees’. The film aims to highlight why we must act now to avoid the projected 4 degree increase in the Earth’s temperature over the next century.

Installation view of By Leaves We Live (2024), CAP Cinema, Genesis Cinema, London, 28th March 2024
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