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D O M I N I Q U E C R O     W A T C h

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We are living in an age of consumer surveillance; our daily activity and data is collected and monitored both through online and physical environments. CCTV cameras watch the streets, location-based services allow marketers to track consumer’s likes, interests and travel habits. 


The works featured on this page stem from the act of observing. By controversially filming people without their permission, often in places that do not permit cameras, I aim to examine the effectiveness of privacy law. Are these laws obsolete in a world inhabited by approximately 770 million CCTV cameras and a culture of data collection?


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12 Hour Cell (2014), installation view, 6 monitors and scaffolding, duration: 12 hours

12 Hour Cell (2016) was a durational performance involving 6 artists who endured 18th century prison regulations in an abandoned jail for 12 hours. We rigged Bodmin Prison with CCTV cameras and streamed the performance live online, in the Lilford Gallery, the Kave Gallery and Kingston University.


Collaborating Artists: Dominique Cro, Lucy Crump, Tilly Phyall-Davis, Joanne Hooton, Jon Lilford and Jake Andrew Nason.


12 Hour Cell (2014), CCTV camera stills 



A Super 8 film in which Lucy Crump and I shot footage of 8 police stations in South London. This film is part of a larger body of work exploring surveillance and authority. 

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Metropolitan 1829 (2015), Super 8 film, installation view floating projection, duration: 02.45 mins



One of a series of collages animations which explores our dependence on screens and their constant presence in daily life. 

A Definition of the Word Scree_no

People Just Watch TV  (2019), collage animation with sound, duration: 06.48 mins

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A Definition of the Word Screen  (2019), digital poem

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