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WElcOmE TO thE FuturE Of Extinct Animal Cloning and CustoMiSAtiOn

Xi-Clone advert extract (2080), CGI animation, duration: 20 second extract, in collaboration with CGI Artist Ryan Vautier 

Can't LivE With uS cAN'T liVE wITHOUT US

Screenshot 2021-10-30 at 16.24_edited.jpg

Xi-Clone Logo (cloud pink) (2080), still from a CGI animation

Are you tired of the same old cat and dog?

Is Fluffy just not cutting the mustard? 

Don’t waste time ignoring the elephant in the room and come and see a man about a dog.

Here At Xi-Clone we believe bigger is better, no matter what the cost and that is why our Xi-Clone creatives are bringing you endless combinations of exotic, extinct animals.

Mammoth to Sabertooth tiger, rhino to sea turtle.
You can have any animal you desire and if you want it’s fur to match your drapes nothing is too much to ask for our Xi-Cloners.

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Xi-Clone is a fictional company that offers bespoke, extinct animal cloning and customisation. Set in 2080 with the Earth’s biodiversity on a steady decline, society has turned to cloning extinct species. The company culture of Xi-Clone is a speculative take on our future, if capitalism and individualism still continues to dominate culture.


The in-ability to reduce overconsumption and to create significant change towards slowing the harmful impact of the anthropocene has left cloning as the only option to repopulate the world’s fauna. Xi-Clone seizes the opportunity to capitalise on these new technologies and instead of working to save the lost animals of the world they market their service as luxury, exotic pet cloners. 

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Chameleow rotating card (2080), animation looped

Leozelle image.jpg

Leozelle Xi-Clone card (2080), digital artwork

Zebear image.jpg

Zebear Xi-Clone card (2080), digital artwork

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